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Special Events

Let The Abbé House Inn be your destination for your special event!  

Be it your big day, a time to gather with friends and family, club function, or just a getaway, our property is set up for convenience, affordability, and the comfort knowing that everything can be set up the day before your special event. 

Included Amenities

  • Access to outdoor areas & activities on 8 acres of property & includes 2700 sq. ft. of verandas (can be used for event if there is inclement weather)
  • Large dressing room & full bath
  • Access to common areas of the 13,200 sq. ft. home
  • 2 white pillars
  • Rocking chairs on front and back verandas.
  • 4 patio tables, 20 patio chairs
  • 14 white wooden folding chairs
  • Commercial ice machine, refrigerator, stove, BBQ grill, microwave, coffee pot

Package Rates & Policies

Saturday Wedding/Friday Rehearsal    


$2500 + taxes

Availability begins at 3pm on Friday, all day Saturday
10 room rental on Friday & Saturday evenings
Home Style Breakfast & Coffee on Saturday & Sunday

Saturday Wedding


$1500 + taxes

Availability all day Saturday
10 room rental on Saturday evening
Home Style Breakfast & Coffee on Sunday

Day Rate Wedding (no lodging, no catering)


$600 + taxes

Availability on day of the event, 9am-6pm
Wedding may begin any time between 9am and 3pm
Event must end by 6pm
3 hour minimum, $100 per each additional hour

* 50% non-refundable deposit is required when booking weddings *

Catering Information Upon Request

Please contact us for all information and details regarding catering

  • Third-party caterers are welcome
    • Our kitchen may be used for a fee

Services & Amenities Not Included

  • Bar Services – you may bring your own bartender
  • Photography
  • DJ, music, or sound equipment
  • Flowers, sashes
  • Casual labor for off loading of goods, flowers, decorations, equipment, etc
  • Decoration of the wedding area or special decorations
  • Typing of seating plans, menus, or individual name cards
  • Under plates, overlays, runners, linens
  • Chairs (in addition to what is listed above), chair covers
  • Cakes/cake cutting


Any alcohol served at the wedding must be given, not sold, to your guests. The Abbé House Inn holds no responsibility for the sale of or consumption of alcohol.  All liability falls onto the provider. The Abbé House Inn does not provide bar tending services.

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